International Law Firm Alliance E-Iure

E-Iure is a young, vibrant and expanding network of international law firms. It was established in 2003 and now comprises a network of different law firms from countries worldwide. Meant at the outset to establish a link between Europe and Latin America, it has grown to a truly global network during the last years.
Legally, E-Iure is formed as an association under Spanish law seated in Madrid, Spain.

Following the needs resulting from globalization and European integration, E-Iure is providing for the exchange of professional information about the local and global practice and development of law, facilitating and enhancing communications among its members and clients, which increasingly are dominated bye international activities.
E-Iure members are drawn from commercially minded medium sized practices possessing the highest professional standards and committed to provide creative business solutions as well as services excellence in an international surrounding.

E-Iure members are not affiliated in the joint practice of law. Each member firm is an independent law firm, which renders professional services on an individual and separate basis, maintaining complete autonomy.